Northfield Township Tim Rueckert
ROAD DISTRICT Highway Commissioner

Flood Control Response Policy

The Township Road District is assigned the care, maintenance and repair of the storm sewer system. When the Township Road District storm sewer, or access thereto, is found to be obstructed, it is the policy of the Township Road District to correct the problem and return the normal flow or system capacity as promptly as practical.
Flooded Street


It is the purpose of this policy to provide general guidance for responding to unusually heavy or sustained rainfall events, which can directly or indirectly cause localized flooding and surcharging conditions in storm sewers.


Download the Resident Flood Report Form.


General Guidelines:

Township Road District personnel are assigned as needed to monitor, correct, and where possible, to mitigate the effect of heavy rainfall conditions. This is done by inspecting locations which may be prone to blockages of storm inlets and culvert pipes by debris and by responding promptly to resident’s complaints of storm and sanitary sewer backup, including street flooding/buildup.

Heavy Rainfall/Flooding Response