Northfield Township Tim Rueckert
ROAD DISTRICT Highway Commissioner

Mission Statement


The Northfield Township Road District's commitment to comprehensive environmental protection employs only the most socially and environmentally responsible recycling practices.

We believe that our residents want to be responsible and recycle in an environmentally conscientious way. Our purpose is to offer simple and convenient solutions to management of recyclables that reward our residents’ environmental integrity.

Our environmental mission includes:

1. Environment - Dedicated to meeting or exceeding the requirements of relevant environmental law and regulation to keep our landfills free of unnecessary pollutants and to reducing energy use.

2. Transparency - To keep Northfield Township Road District recycling practices as clear as possible and free of charge so that each of our residents feels secure in using the service.

3. Convenience - Dropping off the recyclable must be quick and trouble-free.

4. Operations - Regularly evaluate our operation to respond to relevant emerging environmental issues and to improve our management practices to guarantee the ongoing integrity of our environmental mission.

5. Reuse - Northfield Township Road District believes that reuse should come first and strives to find partners that will find second homes for all electronics that we accept. Items that cannot be reused will be recycled responsibly.