Northfield Township Tim Rueckert
ROAD DISTRICT Highway Commissioner

Road Rage: A Phenomenon
To Be Reckoned With

Road RageThe pressures of 21st Century life in America are many and rooted in lifestyles that sometimes trade serenity for prosperity. One byproduct of that swap is a growing phenomenon we have coined road rage.

Road rage is defined as aggressive driving behavior that usually occurs in heavy traffic and during periods of heavy stress on motorists. Road rage generally has been recognized as a trend in urban commuting, but drivers in rural areas are not immune to its dangers.

With construction season upon us, stress levels are likely to increase. So in addition to tuning up your vehicle, it is advisable for you to tune up your driving habits and to recognize road rage as a threat to your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

An angry or impatient driver may act out frustrations by driving in a manner most reasonable people will recognize as reckless and downright rude. Whether you are driving on a Chicago expressway, and interstate highway or a two-lane township road, it is important that you recognize the symptoms of road rage and understand how to cope with a driver who is emotionally out of control.

Your vehicle is the only one that you can control, so it is imperative that you understand how to avoid road rage confrontation. If you are confronted by an aggressive driver, keep in mind some of these suggestions:

It is also important that you understand how your own habits can ease tension on the highway. Your own consideration of other drivers will help alleviate the threat of road rage. For example:

Driving is hazardous enough without the addition of enraged drivers. Defensive driving is always in order, especially when road conditions are less than perfect.

To make travel safe for all motorists, we need to keep in mind that driving is a privilege, not a right. Only the most responsible among us should be on the road, and the most responsible among us also realize that the road is to be shared.

Let’s be safe out there, so that we can share the pleasure of the change of seasons together.