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Storm Sewers

The storm sewer infrastructure contains approximately 16 miles of storm sewers, 467+ inlets, catch basins and manhole structures, and approximately 40 miles of drainage ditches to store and convey storm water runoff in order to minimize localized flooding. The Township Road District performs a reactive maintenance program which includes cleaning manholes, storm grates, dye testing storm sewer lines, pipe and culvert replacement, grouting, televising and responding to storm drainage problems reported by citizens to ensure the storm sewer system is functioning as designed and constructed.Storms

Drainage cannot be overemphasized. Water affects the entire serviceability of a road. Water allowed to remain on top of a blacktopped road weakens the surface and, combined with traffic, causes potholes and cracking. If improperly channeled, water causes soil erosion and a breakdown of pavement edges.

During periods of heavy and/or prolonged rainfall, crews are dispatched to clean debris from storm sewer inlets and respond to calls by residents whose basements are flooding due to plumbing backups, sump pump failures, overland flooding or seepage.

The performance benchmarks established for storm sewer maintenance are to: respond to a storm water complaints within 2 hours of notification; repair minor deficiencies and/or temporarily restore flow of known service failures in the storm sewer infrastructure within 1 work week from receipt of notification; annually replace or rehabilitate deficient storm sewers; and annually grade, reshape and clean drainage ditches.

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 Stormwater Management

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