Northfield Township Tim Rueckert
ROAD DISTRICT Highway Commissioner


The street inventory contains approximately 52 centerline miles. Annually, the Township Road District undertakes a windshield survey of each street's degree of cracking and/or deterioration and the Long Range Resurfacing Plan is adjusted. Consequently, the roads with the worst pavement conditions are scheduled for resurfacing. Under our approach, the street system is better maintained at less expense than if gross deterioration is allowed to occur.Wrong Way

The performance benchmarks established for street maintenance are to: eliminate all grossly deficient streets with a "1" rating; rehabilitate as many "2's" as possible with the funding available; and to maintain a minimum of 70% of the streets with a rating of "3" or better.

Repairs and maintenance of the Township Road District street system requires an on-going management program to identify and prevent premature failure of the pavement base and surface and to correct problems on a timely basis as they occur. Last year's maintenance and repair activities included asphalt patching, pothole repairs, sweeping and grading.

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