Northfield Township Tim Rueckert
ROAD DISTRICT Highway Commissioner

Who Maintains Your Roads?

If you live in a subdivision in unincorporated Northfield Township and your streets are private (non-dedicated), your homeowners association is responsible for contracting with snow plowing and pavement of road surface maintenance services. All other roads and streets in the Township are looked after by one of four road maintenance jurisdictions, all of which are specifically equipped and staffed for the kinds of roads in their care.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is responsible for state highways, like:

Some of these roads may, however, be maintained in part by municipalities they run through if intergovernmental agreements are in effect.

To report emergency conditions on State Roads, call: 847-705-4222. The Illinois Tollway Information Hotline is 800-865-5394.

Municipalities, generally, are responsible for all streets within their incorporated boundaries. To report emergency conditions on the Village of Northbrook roads call 847-272-4711; the Village of Glenview roads call 847-724-1700; and the Village of Northfield roads call 847-446-9200.

The County is responsible for high-volume county roads, like:

To report emergency conditions on County roads call 847-827-1164.

The Northfield Township Road District maintains the right-of-way on all dedicated streets within the unincorporated area. To report emergency conditions on Township Road District roads call 847-724-7055 or 847-471-7055.