Northfield Township Tim Rueckert
ROAD DISTRICT Highway Commissioner

Mailbox Replacement Policy


Occasionally, rural-type mailboxes and/or support posts are damaged during the course of Township Road District snow removal operations on Township maintained streets. The damage is typically the result of impact of the wet/heavy snow being discharged from the plow blade, or in isolated circumstances, direct contact with the plow. It is the policy of the Township Road District to repair or make restitution for mailboxes damaged as a result of snow removal activities.


To establish a uniform procedure for replacement of or reimbursement for parkway mailboxes damaged by Township Road District snow plowing.


The property owner of any mailbox damaged as the result of Township Road District snow removal operations will have the option to:

  1. Have the Township Road District personnel install a new portion for the damaged item, or if totally damaged or destroyed, a new “standard” mailbox in black, white or metallic finish, mounted upon a metal pole or an unpainted 4” x 4” post; or
  2. Receive a Township Road District check for the replacement cost of that portion of the damaged item or, if totally damaged or destroyed, the maximum reimbursement amount established for that winter season. Selection of this option shall relieve the Township Road District from installation responsibility.


The reimbursement sum for the “standard” mailbox shall be established by the Township Highway Commissioner on the basis of current retail market conditions for such hardware.

Under no circumstances will the Township Road District replace in kind “fancy” wrought iron, customized, decorator type, or other special order mailboxes, posts or related hardware. Such units are placed within the public right-of-way strictly at the risk of the property owner. The Township Road Districts liability shall not exceed the cost of a “standard” mailbox as hereby established.