Northfield Township Tim Rueckert
ROAD DISTRICT Highway Commissioner

Annual Parkway Tree Offer

The Northfield Township Road District will share with residents and businesses the cost of approximately 25 new parkway trees in 2023. Trees will range between 3 to 3 1/2" inches in diameter and a property owners share will be $300 per tree ordered, regardless of variety or size. There is a limit of two trees per property, providing there is adequate room within the public right-of-way. (Sorry, no trees may be ordered for private property.)

The trees will be planted during May, June and if necessary, early October as weather permits. There is a 15-month one-time replacement guarantee for each tree. Guarantees do not cover tree death due to obvious owner neglect, including over or under watering. The Northfield Township Road District will provide property owners with tree-care instructions.

Trees must be planted equidistant from curb and sidewalks, at least 35' from any other parkway tree, at least 10'  from a driveway or street light and at least 45' from an intersection to ensure unobstructed sight lines. Locations must be at least 5'  from manholes, fire hydrants and b-boxes.


  1. Download the 2023 Annual Parkway Tree order form   
    ** The printable form will download in a PDF format and you must have Adobe Acrobat to read the file. Click Here to download the free version of Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Indicate the number and type of 3 to 3 1/2" diameter trees (limit of two at $300 each) on the Tree Guide.

    No trees are available for planting on private property.

    Should your first choice be unavailable by the time your application is processed, Northfield
    Township Road District staff will call you to select an alternative.
  3. Orders must be submitted by MONDAY, MAY 1, 2023 and will be processed in the order received. Northfield Township Road District funds and tree quantities are limited so PLEASE ORDER EARLY!

Tree Guide:

Crown: Moderately oval      Height: 50'      Width: 30'      Growth Rate: Medium      Size: Large      Summer Foliage: Light green to green           Fall Foliage: Red      Fruit: Seedless


SWAMP WHITE OAK - (Our favorite indigenous oak)
Crown: Oval      Height: 60'      Width: 50'      Growth Rate: Moderate to fast      Size: Large      Summer Foliage: Emerging purplish green changing to dark green     Fall Foliage: Golden yellow brown      Fruit: Acorn with long stem


TRIUMPH ELM - (Resistant to Dutch elm disease)
Crown: Upright symmetrical         Height: 55'       Width: 45'      Growth Rate: Medium      Size: Large      Summer Foliage: Dark green           Fall Foliage: Yellow      Fruit: None 


Crown: Moderately pyramidal     Height: 35'      Width: 25'     Growth Rate: Moderate     Size: Medium     Summer Foliage: Dark green               Fall Foliage: Red purple, persisting to early winter      Fruit: White spring flowers, pea-sized fruit